We’re Infinity Properties, a family-owned, Denver-based developer of distinctive new single-family homes, apartments and commercial projects.

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Fifty years ago. That’s when our love affair with design began. Our devotion to form, function and finesse is what sets us apart. What drives us every day. And it defines everything we create.

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We answer to you.

Our customer and our neighbor, not a bunch of stockholders who are only interested in the bottom line. That’s how we stay true to our original, humble mission — which is (and we’re paraphrasing here) to build the coolest stuff in the universe. What we have found is that if we do what we love, and what our customers love, the bottom line pretty much takes care of itself.

Artists in Residence

This isn’t a car or a watch or a pair of shoes (nice as they may be). This is where you live. And we don’t take that lightly.


Available Communities