Famous Homes in Colorado

Famous Homes in Colorado

  • 10/25/20

There is no shortage of famous homes in Colorado. Some of the best neighborhoods in Denver have famous homes located within its limits. While we’re more partial to our own collection of award-winning modern houses in Denver, many homes in the region are rich with history, culture and innovation. Take a look at some of these famous homes in Colorado:

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Molly Brown House

Known as the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” — as she survived the sinking of the Titanic — Molly Brown’s house in Denver has been restored to its original 1910 appearance. The 1889 stone “Queen Anne” was rescued from demolition in 1970 by Historic Denver Inc. Today, the Molly Brown House is a museum full of exhibits recounting Molly’s Denver life in the 1900’s. Our Stapleton homes are just a short 10-minute drive from the historic Molly Brown House Museum.

Edwin Carter Museum

Edwin Carter was a naturalist known for his detailed taxidermist collection of comprised of thousands of animal specimens collected in the Rocky Mountains. While the gold rush brought Carter to Colorado in 1968, his concerns about the impact mining had on the region drove him to create a museum in his home. After passing away in 1900, his collection was donated to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Today, his home was rehabilitated into the Edwin Carter Discover Center which provides visitors with an interactive experience.

Spaceship Mansion

Here is one of our favorite famous homes in Colorado. Featured in the 1973 film by Woody Allen, “Sleeper” this home is most commonly known as the “Spaceship House” or “Sleeper House.” With over five levels and 7700 square feet, the exterior of the home was completed in 1966. The unique architecture of this building has been iconic to Denver locals and commuters traveling on I-70 as the property overlooks the highway on Genesee Mountain.

On Genesee Mountain I found a high point of land where I could stand and feel the great reaches of the Earth. I wanted the shape of it to sing an unencumbered song.
– Chalres Deaton

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